The Plant

Vehicle and truck tyres are a complex product that is designed to meet demanding standards. Several different materials are used in their construction. The rubber is a thermoset material and has been combined with thermoplastic textiles and steel.

The process involved to reduce a tyre to a fine quality rubber involves size reduction, separation and refining. The technology utilised is automated to ensure a consistent and high quality rubber crumb output.

Our Recycling Process


Achieve desired particle size required whilst avoiding heat build up. The blocks of tyre go through a complicated process of milling to reduce their size to crumb through a combination of crushers and sieves.


Removal of fibre, steel and stone. A complicated system of magnetic separators and fibre extraction equipment ensures the minimum of contaminants. Quality is a hallmark of our success and the removal of contaminants is a priority.


Sieving achieves the desired particle size distribution depending on end use. At Mathe Group, the desired particle size distribution is accurately determined using a combination of sieves. Our products are continually tested to ensure that they conform to customer requirements.

Our aim

Our aim is to produce the best possible consistent quality at a competitive price. We are committed to producing rubber crumb in a sustainable way. Our products have been tested for toxicology according to EN71-3 and for PAH according to REACH, Entry 28 of annex XV11. The test results of the rubber crumb are within the permissible limits of 0.01% or 100 mg/kg for PAH testing and within the requirements of EN 71-3 Category #3.