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Artificial Turf

Artificial turf in the past has been widely used in tennis courts and baseball. With technology in artificial turf changing dramatically over the years, and ball behaviour resembling that of natural turf, rubber granulate is now used extensively as an infill and thereby improving ball rebound and running characteristics. Mathe Group’s rubber granulate contributes to the infill layer.

Health and Safety

Rubber granulate infill from post consumer tyres has been the subject of debate and several studies in different countries. Studies have concluded that there are no health risks associated with contact, inhalation and swallowing of rubber granulate. Furthermore, Mathe Group’s rubber granulate has been tested and complies with the REACH Regulation and does not show the presence of identified 73 SVHC’s as per the Authorisation list and the Candidate List Subject to Authorisation release by ECHA. The concentration of individual SVHC is well below the 0.1% wt/wt threshold limit.

Asphalt and Bitumen

Around one heart attack in 50 in rich European countries is caused by chronic exposure to loud traffic, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). The ill effects of noise pollution in such countries are second only to those from dirty air (Economist, 2012).

The addition of rubber crumb, reclaimed from post consumer tyres to bitumen used to make asphalt, engineers are designing quieter roads. Rubberised, softer asphalt cuts traffic noise by approximately 25%. Further characteristics include reduced cracking, maintenance costs and rutting.

The popularity of rubberised asphalt is catching on since it is now possible to make rubberised asphalt less expensively than the traditional sort.

New Tyres

The use of rubber granulate in the manufacture of new tyres is a truly cradle-to-cradle application. As the prices of raw materials escalate globally due to many macro and micro economic factors, the use of rubber crumb from post consumer tyres in the manufacture of new tyres is an attractive proposition.

Playground Track Tiles

Child safety has received more stringent regulation over the last few years throughout the world. It is inevitable that children playing in playgrounds fall and their impact on the floor often results in injury. There are therefore numerous regulations with regard to the elasticity of the playing surface.

Playgrounds and athletic tracks are often made in-situ. Rubber granulate is combined with polyurethane, and the playground or the sports track is then built.

Prefabricated tiles are also gaining in popularity since different shaped tiles are combined with different colours to create novel design and innovate aesthetic concepts that blend in with any environment.

Other Applications

There are many other uses for high quality rubber granulate from Mathe Group. The need for rubber granulate to be used in multiple applications across several industries is increasing to avoid the environmental consequence of discarded tyres.

Mathe Group’s technology allows for the production of various particle size distributions depending on the specific end use. We work closely with our clients to develop bespoke rubber granulate particle size distributions.